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  • Giant Pool Match

    Author: | Date: 20th October 2011

    Giant Pool Match is a team game where you turn your hall into a giant Pool Table.

    Equipment :  2 Broom Handles (Cues), 
       6 Buckets (Pockets),
       2 Footballs in different Colours (1 is Cue Ball) 

    Time    10 - 20 mins


    Put the buckets out in your hall like they would be on a Pool table and put the cues and balls in the centre or your "pool table". Divide your unit into 2 teams and Number team off. You then call out a number and the 2 team members with that number run out and grab a cue. Staying on their hands and knees they have to compete against each other and try to pot the coloured ball. The person who pots the coloured ball first gets a point. Each team member has a go and the team with the most points wins. You can add extra rules like taking turns or first person there takes first shot or you can do this outside in the summer.

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  • Pass the Tea Light

    Author: | Date: 20th October 2011

    Pass the Tea Light team relay. This is a skillful game that needs everyone in the team to pay attention and work together.

    Equipment :  Tea Lights, Spoons, Chairs

    Time :     10 - 30 mins

    Instructions :

    Split the unit into teams. You will need to arrange a row of chairs for each team with enough chairs for 1 each. Each explorer will also need a spoon. The Explorers will need to stand on the chairs. The first person will have a lit Tea Light on their spoon and they will need to pass it to the person next to them. The winning team is the team that get the lit tea light from one end to the other the quickest.

    If people cheat make the tea light go back 2 chairs or pause for 10 seconds. To make it more difficult move chairs appart and turn our main hall lights. If you light the Tea Lights 5 mins before the game they should stay alight better.

    Please remember that the Tea Lights and hot wax can burn so do a good safety briefing before hand and make sure you have done a thorough risk assesement that you are happy with

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  • Minefield

    Author: | Date: 20th October 2011

    Minefield is a team building game that can take place inside or outside.

    Equipment :  Blindfolds, assorted bottles or obsticles

    Time :     10 - 20 mins

    Instructions :

    Get the explorers to cover the floor of your hall with objects like plastic bottles, cones, or other items you can find. Some Explorers are blindfolded and the others have to get their team members across the minefield without hitting the mines. If the blindfolded person hits a mine they sit down and become a mine themselves. You can play this game in pairs or as teams and the winning team or pair is the first across the mine field or the team across quickest.

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